About Me

A consummate, sought-after image visionary in the field of still and live-action fashion, beauty, events photography, Spencer has also been a long-time, major force in the fast-paced, international world of the ballroom dance industry photographic reporting.

Both clients and friends call him “Spencer,“ an affectionate last-name reference to acknowledge an exceptional award-winning photojournalist with an enviable client list of Fortune 500 companies who have included the intrepid Target Corporation--also Marshall Field and Mervyn’s--Northwest Airlines, Burger King, GE Capital, Epson, TIME Magazine, McGraw Hill, Rhone-Poulenc, Chesebrough Ponds and Jostens, to name but a few.

As a versatile photographer, par excellence, he became an innovator in the ballroom dance industry with his exceptional on-location photography. He authored and shot the definitive coffee table book on ballroom dancing, Championship Ballroom Dancing, a brilliant black-and-white documentation of dance, as art in motion. In addition, he co-founded the Annual International Dance Directory (IDD), the first of its type in the world, over a decade ago. In 2006, it received the Bronze Award for best directory in the over 30,000 Publishing Excellence Award. Spencer, always ahead of the creative curve, took the Dance Directory to the Internet, and introduced the world to the singular and all-important ballroom dance news with DanceDirectory.com.